B.S.G. (Big Scenario Game) Registration

Big Scenario Game

PUT’s First Semesterly BSG is now up for registration.  The event will be titled “Battle of the Bulge” and it will be played at PlayPaintball.

If you are a Rec Member, this game is covered, all you have to do is register, and in the comments field state that you are a Rec Member.

If you are not, the price will be under $30, but it is yet to be deteremined.  Go ahead and register though, you do not have to pay at this time. This pricing is availible to anyone with a UTID.

If you are member of the public, this event is also open to you!  Pricing will be determined by the field, but we will let you know also.  You can register on our website and just put “Public” in the UT NetID field. 

You can click the logo on our home website or click this link to register: http://bsg.utpaintball.com

Anyone with a UTID will be provided everything needed to play except clothes and transportation to the field(although we will work out a carpool).  This package will include: paint, marker, air, safety equipment, lunch, and fun!

We can’t wait to see you there!

PUT Exec

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