Tennessee Orange Win the 2007 Tennessee Open!



The Paintball Club at UT hosted the 2nd annual NCPA Class AA Tennessee Open this past saturday at Insane Paintball in Chattanooga, TN.

16 Teams made the trek for the 2nd SE region event of the season. This event had great facilities using 2 indoor fields and quality reffing and paint. A full service proshop was available to all players. Each Team played 8 prelim games before the top 8 went to the semis.

2 Tennessee teams played in this event. UT Orange consisting of Daniel Keene, Matt Jenkins, Chris Anglin, Joey Baggott, Anthony Sander, JR Tubb, and Matt San Roman. UT Black was made up with Rob Goldsmith, Tyler Thayer, Mike Gilante, Colby Jarrett, Alex Ladoucer, Jeremy Coleman, and Fred Pickney. UT Orange finished the prelims with an impressive 6-2 record while UT black missed the cut by going 4-4. UT Orange got a #3 seed going into the semi’s while UT Black finished the tournament in 10th.

UT Orange really picked up the pace in the semi’s beating everyone in their bracket. They beat Clemson Orange , Northern Kentucky, and Florida State to go 3-0 with a #1 seed into the final 4. From there they kept the ball rolling beating ERAU, Virginia Tech, and Clemson for another 3-0 and the First place trophy. All team members played great.

UT would like to thank all the teams for coming to the event as well as Smart Parts, Paintball Paparazzi, KPS, and Insane Paintball for their continued support of the UT Paintvols in thier quest for a 2007-08 NCPA National Championship!

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