UT has Favorable Showing at Nationals

UT Paintball was in sunny Lakeland, FL this past weekend competing in the College Paintball National Championships. The venue, Central Florida Paintball, was impressive with flat fields and thick grass. The refereeing was much better than last year due in part to the addition of some NXL refs.

Preliminaries began Friday. UT started out strong defeating West Virginia U 8-1. The next match was against Penn State U, the team that eliminated UT last year from Nationals. UT came out swinging, going on an 7-0 run in the first half. In the second half, Penn State would be held to just 4 points to end in an 8-4 victory for UT. The final match of the preliminaries was against Rutgers U. UT beat Rutgers 12-1 to gain the #1 seed and a first-round bye in the finals.

Saturday, UT had one match against the #4 seed, Illinois U. Each team traded points during the first half. After half time, Illinois U pulled ahead. A combination of penalties and missed opportunities led to UT not developing any momentum and ultimately to the 4-7 defeat.

All in all, Nationals was a great tournament. A special thanks to the players, the staff, and the parents who supported the team.

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