UT to Begin Reball Practices on Campus

This Summer saw the closing of UT’s main practice facility, Knoxville Paintball Sports. Considering that the next closest quality practice facility is in Chattanooga, a solution to our practice facility problem was sought.

The solution came in the form of a rubber ball. Reball is the premier manufacturer of reusable paintballs. These solid rubber balls are the same size, weight, and shape of a normal paintball. The only difference is that they do not break and can be shot 1000s of times, rather than just once.

Previously, paintball markers were not allowed on campus. Through collaboration with Club Sports and UTPD/KPD, an agreement was reached that would allow paintball club members to bring their markers on campus for official practices with the strict understanding that the markers would remain disassembled and in gear bags until at the practice site.

Now all that was needed was a place to use these Reballs. Again through collaboration with Rec Sports, the HPER facility was chosen as an acceptable practice facility. HPER is located on the corner of Andy Holt and Pat Head Summit, between Tom Black track and Humes Hall.

The first practice is slated for Monday, November 10th at 7:00-9:45.

UT plans to continue to travel to Cross-Eyed Paintball in Chattanooga to scrimmage. Reball will be a tool to hone fundamental skills.

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