Spring 2009 comes to a close

As the 2008-2009 season draws to a close, UT Paintball marks yet another successful year both on and off the field. The team finished with a record of 8-3 and took 5th place at Nationals in Lakeland, FL. Not only was the team quite successful on the national competitive circuit, but also locally as well. Along with the help of local sponsors, UT Paintball was able to help raise over $3,500 for charities in and around Knoxville. The charity event dubbed, “PaintBlast 2009” drew over 200 people and over 20 teams thanks to sponsors like Players Club Paintball, and RedBull. With finals coming to a close and players enjoying a long summer, UT is looks forward to next season. The club anticipates even more growth and more activities for the Fall of 2009. Interest meetings will be in late August, or early September. Please continue to check the website for information and updates on club activities, standings, and developments.

Thanks for your continued interest in UT Paintball and have a great Summer!

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