Southeast Event #1


After a few weeks of deliberation, team captains of the new South-Eastern Conference settled on a date for event #1 late Tuesday afternoon. It has been deiced that the event will be held at Paintball Central (PBC) in Greensboro, NC on Saturday October 3rd. Along with Tennessee, the other schools attending will be Virginia Tech, Clemson, and Liberty.

Specific details, such as times and match-ups have yet to be determined but should be available shortly before the tournament. UT will leave Friday afternoon and play anywhere from 2-3 games on Saturday before returning to Knoxville that evening. Event details and match scores will be up on Twitter so make sure to check the website for all your UTPB info!

A few important notes to changes in the SEC/College Paintball for the 2009-2010 season:

– This season will mark the first that the NCPA uses ramping format for paintball markers, which will be capped at 10.5 balls per second.

– The SEC along with other conferences welcome a few new teams and have been re-structured to make traveling easier on teams in the region.

– Tennessee and the SEC proudly welcome Clemson into Class A competition, and the Conference for the new season

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