Event 2 Wrap-up


Event 2 required a long trip to Rock Hill, SC as Interstate 40 was closed due to rock slides happening over East Tennessee. Match 1 saw Clemson off to a fast start, scoring 6 points in the half.  The Vols managed to score a few points in the second half, yet still fell short with a final score Clemson 8- UT 5.

The second match of the day pitted the Vols against Liberty. Both teams battled hard in the first half with 4 long points, ending at halftime with a score of 2-2. In the second half the Vols offense came together to score 3 more points, holding Liberty to only 1 point in the half. UT was able to control the clock and hold the match to a low scoring 5-3, bringing them to victory.

Due to time constrains and Fall daylight hours match 3 had to be rescheduled until the Spring. The Vols will continue to practice in the Fall working on shooting and teamwork skills. After a long Christmas break, the Vols will once again begin the practice schedule as they prepare for Spring Event 3 and Nationals. Event 3 will be held on the campus of Liberty University in the Spring, likely in March. Keep checking UTpaintball.com for updates!

Event 2 photos Link
Photographer: Ben Ozburn

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