Fundraising for Nationals 2010

Its almost that time of year again as the National Collegiate Paintball League hosts Nationals 2010 in Lakeland, FL. The Vols will be sending a full roster of 15 players who hope to bring home UT’s first national title.

Our players are tough and dedicated but they can’t do it alone, they need your help! Donate to our Nationals fund and help the Vols on their road to Lakeland in April. Donations are simple and easy to do; simply head to the Donate! page where you will find all the information you need to make a contribution.

Each donation can be used as a tax-write off and 100% goes toward national’s costs. The entire process is done through UT Recsports, who can track and verify your donation. Any amount can be given, and all gifts are sincerely appreciated. Even $10, or $20 donations will help the team pay for paint, travel, hotel, and entry fees.

Once again, thanks to all our fans for your support this season! April is just around the corner so donate today and help the Vols bring a title back to Tennessee!

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