Below are some common questions about Paintball at UT:

Q: UT has a paintball team?!

A: Yes, founded in 2005, Paintball is a recognized Club Sport, similar to Hockey, Rugby, or Lacrosse.

Q: Who can play for UT?

A: Any UT student (full-time undergrad or graduate)

Q: Who plays for UT paintball?

A:  UT paintball is a diverse group of players ranging from division-1 players, to beginners. Although most players have some experience, all are welcome.

Q: What league do you compete in?

A: UT competes in the National Collegiate Paintball Association, via the  Southeastern Conference (Class A X-ball)

Q: Are there scholarships to play paintball?

A: Currently, there are no scholarships offered to play paintball at any university.

Q: Where do you normally practice?

A: UT offers a full indoor reball facility in HPER gyms on campus, as well as X-Ball scrimmages in Chattanooga at Insane Paintball.

Q: How do I join?

A: Interest meetings are held at the beginning of both Fall and Spring semester. Feel free to contact us via email at utkpaintball@gmail.com with any questions.

Q: Where can I get more information on College Paintball?

A: For more info visit www.college-paintball.com